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홈페이지사례 연구Oblique lens system with all-round view

Oblique lens system with all-round view

By1월 16, 2019사례 연구

Oblique lens system with all-round view

The ABS electronic Meiningen GmbH Company in the Dreissigacker industrial estate of the theatre and culture town of Meiningen in southern Thuringia regards itself as a service provider for automation, component placement and controller solutions with a spectrum of performances ranging from customised printed circuit component placement to complete module development and fabrication.

The business enterprise has shown continuous growth since its foundation in 1998 by managing director Andreas Oertel. Two years later it was already necessary to purchase land on which building started in May of the following year and was completed by the end of the same year. As a result, on 2.1.2002 the company and its 18 employees moved into the new production and administration building commissioned with state-of-the-art technology in the Meiningen-Dreissigacker industrial estate, which covers 87.5 hectares and is thus the biggest in the southern Thuringia region. More than 70 companies from the processing industries, precision and special mechanical engineering, the producing sectors and the building trades as well as commerce and services have already established themselves here, and industrial sites are still available for occupation.

Today ABS electronic has already quintupled its staff to 65 employees, eight of them working in administration and the remaining 57 in production. The steady growth is based on consistent customer orientation, team spirit and the use of earnings for new investments to secure the technological head start. The characteristic features of the business are high quality and adherence to deadline dates, for which the eight Lynx stereomicroscopes in use in the vertical pillar and 34° rotation angled optics configuration are responsible, among other things. The company has also developed into a training establishment recognised and tested by the Chamber of Industry and Commerce.

Inspection and reworking

The Lynx stereomicroscope was developed using Vision Engineering’s patented Dynascope technology which provides the user with exceptionally good ergonomics because no restrictive eyepieces are used. All of the robust microscope’s functional elements are easy to use, without consequent loss of image quality. The eyepiece less lens system makes a decisive contribution to improved head position freedom and less eye tiredness. The latest developments in the optical design area ensure that the eyes and hands can work together in a natural way, which in turn leads to higher throughput, greater accuracy and fewer rejects. The zoom magnification range from x2.1 to x120 yields sharp images at long working distances and great depth of focus. The modular design enables accessories and options to be interchanged quickly. For example it can be converted in no time from the instrument configuration for reworking (small magnification and long working distance) to inspection configuration (high magnification, optimum image area, documentation option).

The Dynascope technology enlarges the exit aperture and thus the beam path to achieve improved freedom of movement for the head and neck structures. This also results in the unrestricted ability to wear vision aids, in addition to an ergonomic body posture in front of the system. Moreover the system provides three-dimensional viewing, whereby the apparent distance from the image of the object being viewed corresponds to the distance from the real object. The operator has no need to refocus his eyes constantly when he/she looks away from the microscope and directly at the object.

The pillar stand variant as used at ABS electronic ensures greater flexibility and user friendliness. For example the pillar option comprises an adjustable, swivelling pillar stand for direct attachment to the operator’s working surface, or alternatively with a coated baseplate for easy transport. The crank handle option enables easy vertical adjustment when frequent changes in working distances are necessary. The product range also includes a robust, focusable table-top tripod with specimen holder and transmission illumination together with options for a sliding stage or measuring stage.

The “34° Rotation” angled lens system allows the user to view an object from an angle of 34° to the vertical axis. A rotation of 360° around the object being observed enables an improved stereoscopic view of three-dimensional objects, for example soldered joints on PCBs, drilled holes, cut edges and thread shapes. The lens system can be pivoted out for a vertical view. The accessory that the Thuringian service provider also uses is available as a manual and a motorised version.


Another model is the “Rigid 25°” angled lens system that enables the user to observe objects being examined from a fixed angle of 25°, for example during printed circuit board inspection. On the other hand an ergotube allows a variable setting of the direct-view/inclination angle. Digital, video and 35-mm roll film camera adapters are used to attach the relevant cameras, and there are modular multi-media solutions for image archiving, acquisition, processing, analysis and documentation. When attached to a camera, the images are stored at high resolution in the camera and afterwards transferred to a PC where they are archived, inserted into a QA report or sent by E-mail. Storage takes place in JPEG format and is usable by popular programs without conversion. A 2-station multiplier enables the stereo zoom range to be increased by a factor of x1.5 or x2 without impairing the working distance. By using measuring and comparison graticules the operator can measure objects and compare them by means of a scale. Standard graticules such as a hairline cross or measuring scale are available, and customer-specific graticules can be supplied on request.

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ABS electronic also made an early start on the changeover to lead-free. Thus the company’s main focus is on the placement of components on printed circuit boards, in addition to the development and manufacture of industrial controllers. For example there has been investment in a new wave soldering machine and an additional component placement machine as well as an automatic template printer and various rework stations.

The transport boxes for the modules that are delivered are also used by the customer for his own production processes, which means a saving of time and cost. Fabrication ranges from a single item to a medium-sized mass production run of 20,000 items. The automatic component insertion equipments process the whole spectrum of components from, among others, 0201 up to QFP, BGA, uBGA, CBG, CSP or Flip Chip. The work in all the fabrication areas is carried out according to the ESD (Electrostatic Discharge) Guidelines. Great importance is placed on the quality of the individual printed circuit boards fitted with components as specified by the customer. Customers at home and abroad value above all the high quality of the products in addition to the quickest possible processing of orders. Therefore the modules are inspected using a modern AOI (Automated Optical Inspection) technique and tested before they are delivered. The company has been certified since 2003 in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001:2000. This also includes company-specific vocational training that is implemented in co-operation with other high-tech businesses and institutions of higher education. Effective environmental protection is an integral part of the corporate philosophy. In addition to fulfilling the EU’s RoHS Directive (Restrictions on the use of Hazardous Substances in electronic equipment), which specifies lead-free production when processing printed circuit boards, the company guarantees the far-reaching conservation of environmental resources. For example the buildings are heated in winter and cooled in summer by heat pumps.

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